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Aut Si Quid Est in Vita in Aeternum ResonatWhat we do in life, echoes in Eternity

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Take three steps to improve your life...
We have vacancies in Prytaneion Lodge for like minded individuals.

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason in Hampshire and Isle of Wight and in particular within travelling distance of Chandler's Ford, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please Email our Secretary, providing brief details about yourself and he will come back to you.

Before enquiring, you may find it useful to read on... Or listen to the audio file:

The Clock's Ticking...
Some Demands of Freemasonry from it's Members

Freemasonry and Society
Freemasonry demands from its members a respect for the law of the country in which a man works and lives. Its principles do not in any way conflict with its members' duties as citizens, but should strengthen them in fulfilling their private and public responsibilities. The use by a Freemason of their membership to promote his own or anyone else's business, professional or personal interests is condemned, and is contrary to the conditions on which he sought admission to Freemasonry. His duty as a citizen must always prevail over any obligation to other Freemasons, and any attempt to shield a Freemason who has acted dishonourably or unlawfully is contrary to this prime duty.

The secrets of Freemasonry are concerned with its traditional modes of recognition. It is not a secret society, since all members are free to acknowledge their membership and will do so in response to inquiries for respectable reasons. Its constitutions and rules are available to the public. There is no secret about any of its aims and principles. Like many other societies, it regards some of its internal affairs as private matters for its members.

Freemasonry and Politics
Freemasonry is non-political, and the discussion of politics at Masonic meetings is forbidden.

Other Masonic Bodies
Freemasonry is practiced under many independent Grand Lodges with standards similar to those set by the United Grand Lodge of England. There are some Grand Lodges and other apparently Masonic bodies which do not meet these standards, e.g. which do not require a belief in a Supreme Being, or which allow or encourage their members to participate in political matters. These Grand Lodges and bodies are not recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England as being Masonically regular, and Masonic contact with them is forbidden.

A Freemason is encouraged to do his duty first to God (by whatever name he is known) through his faith and religious practice; and then, without detriment to his family and those dependent on him, to his neighbour through charity and service. None of these ideas is exclusively Masonic, but all should be universally acceptable. Freemasons are expected to follow them

To become a Freemason you must:

  • Be a man of at least 21 years of age
  • Be of good moral character
  • Have a personal belief in a Supreme Being (the definition of a Supreme Being is a personal matter for each individual) your religeous beliefs are not important.
  • Decide to become a Mason of "your own free will and accord" without expectation of any material gain or benefits
  • Be loyal to your country
  • Be dedicated to providing for your own family
  • Have a sincere determination to conduct yourself in a manner that will earn the respect and trust of others
  • Possess a desire to help others through community service and universal benevolence


1. Read, ask, watch the United Grand Lodge video, read some more, and take a Freemason for a coffee (one of our favourite activities!). The ideal is to already know a Prytaneion Lodge member, however, if you don't, and you choose to contact us, we'll arrange for an introduction. Your reading should also include the Lodge's "Seeker Presentation"

Seeker Presentation

2. Once you've done all your reading and research, and you decide that Freemasonry appeals to you, the next step is to contact us! We don't solicit members, so you will need to make the first contact. The Lodge Secretary will reply straight away and will get the ball rolling for you.

3. Initiation as a Freemason with Prytaneion Lodge is a rare and sought-after privilege; we initiate only one or two candidates in a year. Lodge Officers and Mentors will spend many hours sharing the wisdom, joy, mysteries and discoveries of Freemasonry with you which is mainly why we are limited in the number of new Brethren we can admit each year. Before you are formally introduced by the Membership Officer, there will be a number of informal meetings and discussions with you to ensure that both you, your family and of course the Lodge will be well-served by your membership. You may also be asked to attend a number of Lodge social occasions, or other Masonic social functions, in-order to have an opportunity to meet the Brethren of Prytaneion and other Lodges. If you go on to the formal membership petition stage, you will need two Lodge Brothers as sponsors - we call them Proposers and Seconders. One of Freemasonry's greatest joys is to extend the fraternal hand of welcome to new Brothers, and the social functions are the perfect way to find your sponsors!

4. After you have gone-through the above steps, and remain fully-decided that you would like to become a Freemason, and the Lodge Committee has concurred with your interest and fit with the Lodge, your membership petition will be formally presented at a Prytaneion Lodge regular meeting. You will be proposed for initiation into Prytaneion Lodge No.9340, and the Brethren of the Lodge will ballot on the proposal.

6. You will be advised of the results of the ballot, and by this stage, there would be no reason to believe that you would be other than successful; you will be given a prospective date for your initiation ceremony (the First Degree) and the commencement of your Masonic Journey! This will most probably be the next meeting of the lodge although sometimes it is administratively advantageous to ballot and Initiate on the same evening.

Created by Alan Otton, ProvDepGReg
Province of Hampshire & Isle Of Wight
The Prytaneion Lodge operates under the auspices of the Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight.
United Grand Lodge of England
The Prytaneion Lodge is number 9340 in the register of the Grand Lodge of England.
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