Prytaneion Lodge

 NÂș 9340 in the Register of the Grand Lodge of England
The Lodge Banner
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On the 11th March 1994, the Lodge Banner, which is proudly displayed at every meeting, was presented to the Lodge by W. Bro George Whiting who sadly was called to higher service in the Grand Lodge Above in July 2014, just short of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of the Lodge.

Following solid EA knocks on the door of the Lodge, the answer to the Inner Guard's question of ‘Whom have you there?’ came from Tyler ‘W. Bro George A. Whiting and Brethren of the Lodge, bringing with them the new Banner of the Lodge for Dedication’.

The Banner party; W. Bro. George Whiting, ADC; Bro. A. Ferris, SW; Bro. R. Bennett, JW and the DC, W. Bro Terry Hawke were then admitted to the Lodge. The Dedication Ceremony was conducted by the then Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro Alan D. Chun MBE with an Explanation of the Origins of the Banner being delivered by W. Bro George Whiting. The Patriarchal Benediction was given by W. Bro the Reverend P.E.J. McManus PDepGChap after he had addressed the Brethren on the Banner and its intentions.

Our Visiting Grand Lodge Officer, the late W. Bro V.P. Cooper PGStB added his Congratulations.